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The Question I Dread

I had just gotten out of the shower, wet towel still wrapped around my head when our youngest, Nick, burst into the room and looked me squarely in the eye and asked the question I was dreading. It is a question that inevitably comes up in countless households as the holiday season is quickly approaching:…

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No Hiding the Wrath of Addiction

We all have something that we have been hiding. And, no, this time I am not talking about hiding with coffee. There are things – life events – that define who we are. Most often when thinking about those life events, we reflect on our fortunate experiences. When, in reality, it is the unfortunate events…

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I Already Miss You

5 kids in this house and chaos reigns. Most often we are trying to figure out how to squeeze everyone in, get everyone to sit down, get everyone where they need to be, get everyone to BE QUIET for just 30 seconds. You would think that when we are down a kid we would feel…

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