Christmas Gift Hoarding

I have a problem.

Truly, it is a P.R.O.B.L.E.M.  Certifiable.

As you have figured out by now, I am an organizer and planner.  My holiday shopping season starts in November and, of course, I make a detailed list of who I have to buy for, what my budget is and ideas of what I want to purchase.  Here’s the problem:  I never stick to it!  What good is a list if you don’t stick to it (never mind the budget)?

My “stash” of gifts is not so creatively shoved under my bed and gradually that space spills over into my closet.  Hoping to finish my shopping early, I am satisfied by the beginning of December that I have everything I need.  That is when it happens.  The hoarding, I mean.

I totally blame my December issue on the fact that I have been SO organized and creative in my hiding that I have NO IDEA what I have already purchased.  Rather than do the smart thing and dig all of my packages out or revert back to my list (which I have now lost), I just keep buying.The Christmas Stash

And buying.

And buying.

By the time I am motivated enough to wrap I am utterly shocked at the gifts that I have hoarded away. Embarrassment about my hoarding doesn’t stop me from wrapping it all and feigning surprise on Christmas morning when each person has more than their fair share to open.  Paul humors me as he, too, enjoys the excitement of Christmas morning and the fulfilling sense that gift-giving provides. However, deep down he is dreading the discovery of  how much we spent on Christmas….again.

This year WILL be different. It has to be. I need an intervention to get rid of my hoarding nature so, Paul has agreed to intervene. This year we will do it all together.

Each year we plan to give the kids one gift from us and one gift from Santa. They also have their own money saved to buy for each other. All in all, the plan is that they have about 3-5 gifts to open Christmas morning. A reasonable plan, if we stick to it.

So, that is the plan and we are sticking to it.  I just wonder what he will do with all the gifts that are already under the bed?!?


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