Give Ourselves a Break

One of the hardest things right now is the energy it takes to go through what used to be a normal day while in the middle of a pandemic that we hoped would be over by now.
We’ve been living in wait for over a half a year now and we are frankly just bone weary.
If we can just make it for two weeks.
If we can just make it to spring,
If we can just make it to to the hot weather.
If we can just make it through summer.
If we can just make it through fall.
We know we have to be getting closer to the end but the finish line is foggy and keeps moving and so we just live running toward the unknown day after day after day. #discouraging
And at the same time life goes on. We help kids with schoolwork and do their laundry and we go to work and pay the bills and we shop for food and take out the garbage and watch too much tv and we try not to think too hard about what’s ahead.
But every step we take is roughly 10.87% harder to take than it was before this all began.
Which means we are all walking around about a bazillion times more exhausted. #dontcheckmymath
So when you look around you today try and remember the effort it may have taken each human you encounter to show up to life looking and acting like a normal human.
None of this is normal and none of this feels normal. And it’s ok to feel like you are over it.
Give grace to the tired people around you and give all the grace to yourself.
You deserve a medal for the fact you keep on keeping on and you deserve a break wether life gives you one or not.
Let’s really see each other today. Let’s care for each other with our words snd our actions and give all the people some slack. Let’s give our tired selves a break when we just cannot rise to one more occasion.
Because darn it all, today is the day the Lord has made, even if we don’t feel like rejoicing or feel even a little glad.
May we draw on His strength to find something to rejoice about and maybe even something that makes us feel a little like gladness.
And may we bring both of these to those around us.
give ourselves a break
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