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An Apology Letter to my Lastborn

Dear sweet last child (aka baby #5), I look around this joint and feel I owe you an apology. Your parents are tired, in case you haven’t noticed. Your older siblings have sucked the life out of us and so we are now bringing you our “B” game. You might not realize that there was…

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Summer Lovin’: A Manifesto for Sanity and Joy

So we have all heard the saying, “If Mom Isn’t Happy, No One Is Happy”, this one has stood the test of time because…truth. Moms tend to set the tone for the household. When I am cranky it is like an electric force field hanging over my home, threatening the lives of my offspring. And…

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I Can Still See My Babies

I am so excited to have a brand new post over on one of my all time favorites…Scary Mommy! This one has never before been seen on our blog, so here is a little preview before you head over there to get the full experience. I Can Still See My Babies I sat in church watching…

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