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New Parents, You Can’t Possibly Know

New parents…you can’t possibly know. I just found this picture behind another photo in a frame and I’ve unearthed a memory. I see young me about 3 weeks into my mom journey and I couldn’t possibly have known. In fact I’m glad I didn’t. I was working so hard and was so consumed with figuring…

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The Life Changing Summer Goal that Only Takes an Hour

One Hour. That’s all this summer goal requires. It requires pretty much no planning or bucket list making or thought, other than keeping your eyes open for opportunity. This hour will find you. I figured out the impact of this hour when we spent the last weekend at a water park while my son played…

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I Never Thought I Would Be That Mom: Until I Was

I used to be the mom who planned her days and nights around nursing schedules and naptimes, who stockpiled diapers and hid nuks in all corners of the house. I used to be the mom who put a crying baby in the car and drove endlessly around the neighborhood trying to induce sleep and quiet.…

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My Biggest Mothering Mistake (so far)

I used to believe being a good mom meant you never ran out of those little dishwasher pod things. Or laundry soap. Or toilet paper. Or diapers. Your house was always company ready and homemade snacks were a daily occurrence. Keeping track of the things and then using the things to clean and organize the…

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5 Ways Teenage Romance was Better in the 80’s & 90’s

Teenage romance…there’s nothing like it. It is the stuff dreams are made of and romance in the 80’s and 90’s was nothing if not dreamy. {Disclaimer: my romantic experiences were pretty limited growing up, but my dreams were big. I mostly longed for my objects of affection from afar, waited for my life to unfold…

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The Question I Dread

I had just gotten out of the shower, wet towel still wrapped around my head when our youngest, Nick, burst into the room and looked me squarely in the eye and asked the question I was dreading. It is a question that inevitably comes up in countless households as the holiday season is quickly approaching:…

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