You Are Enough

If tonight you are feeling discouraged.

And like the demands of the world are just too much.

If you’re feeling like you don’t measure up.

And everyone else seems to be killing it at all the things, their houses are cleaner, their children are more polite and certainly don’t fight over the remote and their jobs are all a dream come true.

If you’re waiting for your ship to come in.

But feeling like you must have not only missed the boat but also your ticket was given to someone else so too bad for you.

If you are just feeling blah and uninspired and are wondering when it’s your turn to take that dream vacation or build that dream home or get that dream you’ve always dreamed of but that seems to always be out of reach.

Know that you are enough, right here and right now.

Even if you can’t keep up today with all that’s being asked of you.

Even if you are not crushing it at all…at anything.

Even if your bank account is too empty for a vacation or even a run through the Mcdonald’s drive-through

Even if your dreams feel out of reach or you have lost track of what a dream even is.

Yes, you, the one sitting on the couch scrolling through Facebook looking for something….you don’t even know what.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are a beautiful creation.

You are precious in God’s eyes.

You don’t even have to do a thing to earn his love.

When I had my babies and clasped eyes on those little bundles of human they all cried and probably peed right on me, but my heart swelled with nothing but love. Any pain they caused me erased in that moment and without doing a thing other than just being they had my heart. Full stop.

That is how God feels about you right now.

Even if you’ve raged at him or ignored him or have only prayed to ask him for things like help finding a good parking spot.

He loves you beyond measure.

So you don’t have to measure up to the world.

And he’s already saved a place for you in the next one.

Tonight friends, no matter what circumstance or trial, big or small. You. Are. Loved.

Now carry on like the child of God you are….rest in him and his promises. They offer way more than the world ever will.❤️.


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