Lost and Found No More…

Have you all seen the disaster that is the lost and found at your kid’s school?

Ours is legit overflowing by day two with all the things and by December there are enough items to clothe my kid and 10 others, not to mention the 25 water bottles, all the pairs of prescription glasses, the snowboots, the snowpants, the notebooks, the binders and the random toys they weren’t even supposed to bring there in the first place..

Every time I walk by this madness I check for my kid’s stuff and sometimes I find a thing or two that belongs to us, but what I also notice is how pretty much not a single thing is labeled with a student name. Like almost NOTHING.

We label their pencils friends, and not the Underarmour sweatshirt they are destined to leave on the playground and forget they ever owned.


This year I’m going all in on Name Bubbles for my kid’s things. Anything we want to have turn back up in our world is getting a label. I am OVER trying to find new snowpants in January when there is going to be two months of snow left but the stores are already stocking swimsuits. OVER IT.

It’s all getting a label…boots, snowpants, the sweatshirt with the name of my kid’s school on it that 137 other kids own, their lunch box, maybe I’ll even stick one to my kid I’m not sure. But one thing I know is that I’m going to try and make it easy for someone to track us down.

Name Bubbles saved us this winter when my kid left his actual winter jacket at the church after religion class. Apparently he didn’t notice he was cold and snowing? But I had stuck a label in it with our phone number and someone from the office called me and we were able to grab it the next day. Without that it would have been gone forever. I’d rather spend a little on labels now than a whole lot rewardrobing my child later.

Of course Name Bubbles are already a life saver when it comes to labeling all those supplies on the list, the labels come in a variety of sizes so you can easily take care of all those folders, notebooks, crayons and glue sticks. When you are sitting with 5 kids and a mountain of supplies, you do not have time to write names over and over and over. Just slap on that label and you are good to go and kids can actually help! Plus they come with cute designs so each kiddo can help personalize their things.

So when you are sitting down to put those Name Bubbles labels on their notebooks don’t forget to label all the other things they are bound to leave behind. The Summer Camp Custom Label Pack is perfect for their clothing and outdoor gear and of course, the School Label Pack will take care of all the rest…there, two clicks and a quick typing in of your kiddo’s info and you are done! They also have packs for labeling your goods that are going to Daycare, special Preschool packs, pretty much something for everyone!

And the good news is I have a code for you to save a little back to school cash. Just enter BTS20 to get 20% off on everything on the site through the end of July. My college kids better look out because I’m coming for a few of their things too! 

Shop through this link and I get a small portion of the sales so I can keep us all in Name Bubbles too! Thanks, friends!

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