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We are about to enter the crazy season known as THE HOLIDAYS.I don’t know about you, but I love to make all the things and do all the things but I can sometimes get super overwhelmed.


The worst days for me are when I am baking all day, finally clean up the giant mess and I am flat out exhausted but people still want to eat. And they don’t want cookies. 


Or how about when you are getting all ready to head out for a celebration so you are doing all the prepping but not leaving for a while so people still want to eat.


Or you are shopping all day and you unload the car with all the holiday surprises and a big pile of groceries but everything requires work and you low key want to cry because you realize people still want to eat.


It is ridiculous really. They always want to eat. 


But I have an answer for us, my friends, Wildgrain. They deliver the most delicious box of bread and bakery goods and homemade pastas you have ever tasted in your life. All made by small wonderful bakeries and shipped right to your door where all you have to do is put them in the freezer then pull them back out when you are in the actual weeds.


Need a quick dinner? Pull out some of their amazing pasta, a loaf of their bread, throw together a salad and you are good to go. Need to bring a delicious snack? Grab a loaf of their artisan bread, pair it with a dip and you are ready to rock. Need a brunch for company or your people on Christmas morning? Make a bunch of their amazing pastries and whip up some eggs and your people will be crying with joy.


I cannot even tell you how good this stuff is. This isn’t your grocery store freezer bakery. This is the REAL DEAL.Breads. Amazing. Pasta. Amazing. Bakery Treats. AMAZING.  I have never in my life had a better croissant and right now you get free croissants in your box FOR LIFE. My family actually fights over these. 


I have a box delivered every month that fills me with joy.  It’s also super easy to substitute out items too so you get just what you want. Or, if you are me, add four croissants to the box so no one fights when we only have 4.


Order here and use code HIDINGWITHCOFFEE  for $10 off your box. You. Are. Welcome

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