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The Life Changing Summer Goal that Only Takes an Hour

One Hour. That’s all this summer goal requires. It requires pretty much no planning or bucket list making or thought, other than keeping your eyes open for opportunity. This hour will find you. I figured out the impact of this hour when we spent the last weekend at a water park while my son played…

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What Does it Really Mean to be Kind?

I find myself yelling to my kids for the millionth time, “Just be KIND!” when it occurs to me they may have no idea what I am really saying. I’m pretty sure often they default to thinking being kind means being nice to their friends and not yelling at their siblings. Done and done. But…

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Everything Changed the Day I Found Out Minecraft Has a Sex Mod

Amy is sharing her latest technology debacle over at Parent.co , one of our all time favorite sites! You guys, take a minute google Minecraft + sex mod. I’ll wait. OK, did your brain explode too? Because when I found out that this was a thing, not only did my brain explode, but my heart did as…

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Life Lesson from the Sidelines

He is so handsome, this son of mine. I just love to watch him, and when he catches me I have a hard time being cool about it. He pretends to be annoyed, “Mooommmmmm,” he says when I tell him for the 1,000 time how I am so happy he is my boy. But I…

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Drowning in “What Ifs”

I used to think admitting that I had anxiety was like revealing a dirty secret. Now I wonder if things would have been different if I had agreed to taking medication for anxiety earlier in life. Would I have handled situations with more grace? Would I have been more willing to take risks? Hindsight may be 20/20, but what…

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The Time the Mean Girl Was Me

A version of this post was originally published at Parent.co under the title 6 Questions That Will Help You Raise Kind and Inclusive Kids I have a mean girl story. Actually, like you probably do, I have a few of them. But the one I won’t ever forget is the time that the mean girl was…

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Still Looking {Guest Post}

We are so grateful to our friend and fellow writer Molly Dupont for sharing this piece with us! Still Looking So, when did you find yourself? Because I’m still looking.  I’m honest to God looking in places that I didn’t think she could hide. Right now I’m looking for her in a tiny backyard teaming…

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