Life Lessons from the School Pick Up Line

Oh my word, nothing is as fraught with emotion as the school pick up line. Sitting in my rockin’ white minivan, I can go from inspired, to exasperated, to hopeful, to horrified, to disbelieving, to furious, to wonder (as in wondering if the grown ups in the line all need glasses like me and that’s…

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The Time the Mean Girl Was Me

A version of this post was originally published at under the title 6 Questions That Will Help You Raise Kind and Inclusive Kids I have a mean girl story. Actually, like you probably do, I have a few of them. But the one I won’t ever forget is the time that the mean girl was…

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You Could Do It Better Than Me

We’re Over At Scary Mommy talking about grace and sweaty parenting….enjoy!! Hey, lady eyeing me up from across the way. I see that gleam in your eye and I know what you’re thinking.  I can feel the mom sweat coming out of every pore as I struggle under your gaze. You see I’m a hot…

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