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How My Husband Took Me on a Time Travel Journey Back to Us

The world gets it so wrong. I have been so worried about our anniversary because 20 years is a milestone and we should be taking a big trip. We should be on a plane or buying each other cars or at very least jewelry or something. But our bank account didn’t get the memo. So…

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New Parents, You Can’t Possibly Know

New parents…you can’t possibly know. I just found this picture behind another photo in a frame and I’ve unearthed a memory. I see young me about 3 weeks into my mom journey and I couldn’t possibly have known. In fact I’m glad I didn’t. I was working so hard and was so consumed with figuring…

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The Life Changing Summer Goal that Only Takes an Hour

One Hour. That’s all this summer goal requires. It requires pretty much no planning or bucket list making or thought, other than keeping your eyes open for opportunity. This hour will find you. I figured out the impact of this hour when we spent the last weekend at a water park while my son played…

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What You Have in the Morning You Might Not Have in the Evening

The sermon at our wedding was beautiful, unforgettable and strangely ominous. The wonderful priest who married us began with a story. He was assigned overseas and found he had to move suddenly, he would be on a plane in 24 hours. He had grown close with so many people and knew he likely wouldn’t see…

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You Could Do It Better Than Me

We’re Over At Scary Mommy talking about grace and sweaty parenting….enjoy!! Hey, lady eyeing me up from across the way. I see that gleam in your eye and I know what you’re thinking.  I can feel the mom sweat coming out of every pore as I struggle under your gaze. You see I’m a hot…

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Summer Lovin’: A Manifesto for Sanity and Joy

So we have all heard the saying, “If Mom Isn’t Happy, No One Is Happy”, this one has stood the test of time because…truth. Moms tend to set the tone for the household. When I am cranky it is like an electric force field hanging over my home, threatening the lives of my offspring. And…

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I Can Still See My Babies

I am so excited to have a brand new post over on one of my all time favorites…Scary Mommy! This one has never before been seen on our blog, so here is a little preview before you head over there to get the full experience. I Can Still See My Babies I sat in church watching…

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Thank You, Mom (Jimmy Fallon Style)

Mother’s day is a great day filled with brunches, flowers, sappy cards, homemade gifts and breakfasts in bed.  We wish all those mommies out there a great day. As we celebrate, we want to pay our respects to our own moms. So, join us in writing thank you notes….Jimmy Fallon style. Thank you, Mom, for…

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