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What I Learned About Giving After Having Kids

If the Giving Tree isn’t the most accurate book ever I don’t know what is. If you don’t know the story The Tree gives its leaves and branches and by the end of the book, he’s given everything to The Boy. It’s left as only a stump. This morning I handed this child the actual…

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Life Lessons from the School Pick Up Line

Oh my word, nothing is as fraught with emotion as the school pick up line. Sitting in my rockin’ white minivan, I can go from inspired, to exasperated, to hopeful, to horrified, to disbelieving, to furious, to wonder (as in wondering if the grown ups in the line all need glasses like me and that’s…

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Last Minute Love Bomb

Holidays tend to sneak up on me. Despite two trips to Target for Valentines and supplies to decorate Valentine’s Day boxes (worst job ever), I still do not have anything to give my sweet loves tomorrow. Shocker. I am currently in the middle of a decluttering class (it’s a whole thing for another post you are…

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What Does it Really Mean to be Kind?

I find myself yelling to my kids for the millionth time, “Just be KIND!” when it occurs to me they may have no idea what I am really saying. I’m pretty sure often they default to thinking being kind means being nice to their friends and not yelling at their siblings. Done and done. But…

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