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The Life Changing Summer Goal that Only Takes an Hour

One Hour. That’s all this summer goal requires. It requires pretty much no planning or bucket list making or thought, other than keeping your eyes open for opportunity. This hour will find you. I figured out the impact of this hour when we spent the last weekend at a water park while my son played…

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The Perfect “Anti-Social” Summer

As social media feeds are jam-packed with the grand summer adventures of others, I cannot help but feel pressured. We should be taking more trips. The kids should be doing more social things with others. We should really see that movie, visit that pool, or make that project. Here’s the truth: I just can’t. Here’s…

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Summer Lovin’: A Manifesto for Sanity and Joy

So we have all heard the saying, “If Mom Isn’t Happy, No One Is Happy”, this one has stood the test of time because…truth. Moms tend to set the tone for the household. When I am cranky it is like an electric force field hanging over my home, threatening the lives of my offspring. And…

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Summer Revolution

I have one goal for my summer: not to be a cruise director. Instead, I am starting a Summer Revolution where I am NOT in charge of planning wild and crazy fun and entertainment for my little loves every day of the week. I. JUST. CAN’T! At the inevitable end of every school year, parents…

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