Our Wish for You: Every Important Thing I Learned About ADHD I Learned From My Son

I’m over at Parenting.co writing about a topic near and dear to my heart, my son’s journey with ADHD. Enjoy!


I vividly remember sitting in the back of the 4-year-old kindergarten classroom, diligently cutting out laminated pictures and being purely mortified. As a parent volunteer, I had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of my child’s day at school. Most parents relish this opportunity. I dreaded it.

No one wants to hear negative things about their child. That negativity is feedback on our parenting, or, at least, that is what I assumed. My husband and I were made to be parents. We had the skill set and very high expectations for ourselves and our first born. So, how is it that our son was acting this way with his peers?

Sitting at that back table, I could have tallied the amount of times my son’s compassionate and kind teacher redirected him. It had to be a dozen or more. My first thought was how we were going to have a serious conversation when we got home about what is expected of him at school. He should know this! We raised him better. He will not be “that” kid.

Only, he was that kid.




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