Dear God I’m Coming in Hot

Dear God, today I am coming in hot.
I’m wondering…how about just smiting my enemies? Even a little smite would be satisfying. I’m tired of people being mean and uninformed and crazy and all the things I clearly NEVER AM.
I would like the person in the comment section of Facebook who just cannot even use their nice words and instead is tearing someone else down to have a little visit from boils perhaps? Maybe just on the bottoms of their feet for one day. Or an hour. Whateves, I’ll leave that to you.
And that other human who just always has to go behind my back? Perhaps locusts? Or a small flood in their basement. Maybe just in the corner where it’s easy to mop up but still a bit of a pain.
And that person who keeps posting all the untruths as if they are fact and arguing about the blindness of the rest of us? Maybe they are brought down by the sword? Or at least fall down the steps. OK, maybe they just stub their toe REALLY HARD. In that way that hurts for at least part of the day.
Wait, you don’t send punishments to my enemies? And there might be some people thinking these very things about how I go about in the world?
No. Way. Let me just sit with that for a minute because I was really feeling I was pretty much doing great here.
Oh yes, that’s right. There are those things I did this week….darn.
OK, then maybe God could you send them all grace? Could you speak to their hearts? Could you call them to you in love?
That sounds better I guess.
Could you remind them with your words that they too are loved and valued despite their craziness.
Also, could you remind me too?
How about rounding us all up for a good talking to?
Oh, that’s what we are supposed to be doing when we read your word? Cool. On it.
Yes, yes, I will try and remember that thing I tell my own kids. I can only control my own behavior. I can set up boundaries when people are off their game and I do not need to participate in the crazy. I KNOW. I hear you….it’s just SO HARD.
I’ll try.
And yes, they will know we are Christians by our love not by that sarcastic comment I want to leave on someone’s post. I hear you. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe I will just go do a puzzle or take a nice walk or give someone a hug. All better choices.
And yes, I will lean on you more, I forgot for a hot second there and I was actually not serious about the smiting. You know that. You know all the things and love all the people and darn it all I’m off to try and live more as you want me to.
Even when it’s hard.
Thank you, Lord. I clearly needed that little chat.
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