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I Think About It Everyday

I think about it every day. When I drop my kids off at school and watch them walk into the building, I wonder if today will be the day I should have kept them home. If I’ll say “If only they had been sick or had taken different classes or had a different lunch.” When…

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Why I Refuse to Be Defined by What’s Left Undone

It’s the end of the day. 3 1/2 out of 5 tuck-ins complete. And then I see this at the bottom of the stairs and I’m weary in my bones. Too weary to put it all away. And I know this will be what is left undone today. Yes the kids should have taken care…

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10 Must Read Books for Every Family

I am a big believer in the family read aloud. You can read a quick chapter after dinner, before bed or even in the morning before school if your people are more organized than mine. The best thing about reading to your kids for me is that brings your family JOY through a shared experience…

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5 Blessings of Being Broke

I am no financial wizard. For many years I made money decisions with my heart and not with my head. Impulse buying led to credit card debt in college which started my journey as a fiscally irresponsible young adult. A yearning to be home with my kids when they were little led to a “let…

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The Best of Everything…For Me

Does anyone else feel like they are living under pressure? I feel the pressure to be a great mom. I feel the pressure to be a great wife. I feel the pressure to be great at my job. I feel the pressure to be a great daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, colleague… You get the point.…

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The Yes Half Hour

Ok guys you may have seen the awesome post going around about (one of my all time favs) Jennifer Garner‘s Yes Day? Well with 5 kids and a tiny little budget it seemed out of reach. But I think I just invented the next best thing. The YES HALF HOUR. Here’s how it worked for me.…

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look up

We Need to Look Up

As we walked into the house a few nights ago my smallest boy suddenly laid down on the sidewalk as we were walking into the house. Look up mom! He said. I can see the stars. And with that…he echoed what has been on my heart for weeks. Why don’t we just look up? We…

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