3 Ways You Can Rock at Mothering Your Baby

By Amy | February 11, 2016 |

So, I’ve been looking through my newsfeed at all the sweet babies my friends are having.  In pondering those “golden days” of a house filled with babies and littles I can think of a few things that I totally rocked at. While, sadly, this list is short, I also think it’s powerful because if I…

Waking up when you’re a parent

By Amy | February 3, 2016 |

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

By Erin | January 31, 2016 |

Who knew that grabbing a quick lunch on my travels across the state would turn into a grand case of eavesdropping? As I snuggled between hungry patrons at the only available table, I cracked open my laptop and tried to focus. Before sitting, I caught a glimpse of a young man – maybe early twenties –…

Note to a Younger Me: 9 Things You Never Thought You Would Do

By Amy | January 25, 2016 |

When I think back to the last time in my life I was certain I knew it all, I’d have to say it started around age 16 and continued straight into young adulthood. My pre-parent self in particular had a ton of knowledge, ironically, about how to parent. Those were the years I had all the…

Weak In The Knees

By Erin | January 20, 2016 |

It started off as a great evening as we set off on our yearly tradition of the “Polar Express.”  With homemade tickets in hand, all the jammie-clad  kids piled into the van clutching their hot chocolate and popcorn.  Even the dog was in the spirit as she stole from popcorn cup after popcorn cup. As…

A Love Letter to Teachers from Parents Everywhere

By Amy | January 8, 2016 |

To the Awesome Educators, here are all the ways you are loved: We love you for making our children feel important in the world outside of our home. We see you taking an interest in their lives, remembering they are in karate or in a play and you ask them about it or even show up…

New Year’s: Getting Grateful Up In Here!

By Erin | December 27, 2015 |

Every year we set ourselves up for a fresh start. Traditionally, the rolling over of a calendar year is viewed as a reboot, restart and new beginning. The chance to break bad habits, start new habits and change our ways once and for all. Why then, do so many of us find ourselves failing at…

The Internet Isn’t the Boss of my Christmas

By Amy | December 19, 2015 |

For someone who has taken away her family’s electronic devices  for weeks at a time, I spend a lot of time online. I have spent my fair share of time scrolling through Facebook, seeing what my peeps are up this holiday season (your highlight reels rock my world) or getting sucked into the vortex of…

Finding our joy (hint: it’s right under our noses)

By Amy | December 2, 2015 |

It’s 6:15, kids are still at the the dinner table, and we have a 20 minute drive to get to the baseball game by 6:30. I’m no math whiz, but I am pretty sure this is going to be impossible. Cue the yelling. “Get your stuff! For the 100th time! Get in the car!” Cue…

Christmas Gift Hoarding

By Erin | November 29, 2015 |

I have a problem. Truly, it is a P.R.O.B.L.E.M.  Certifiable. As you have figured out by now, I am an organizer and planner.  My holiday shopping season starts in November and, of course, I make a detailed list of who I have to buy for, what my budget is and ideas of what I want…


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